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Mon. 5/12/03 - Week of May 12th

Week of May 12th
Get comfortable; this is a long one; about 6 pages worth. I’m not going to do it like this again, but I wrote it all at one time, so you should probably read it all at one time. Please note the last paragraph is a cry for prayer for my cousin who is 28 years old and battling cancer as well. -Note: I did break it down for this new website format 


I just realized that I never really mentioned in this update how Les was doing through all of this. He's doing great today. His personality is the same as it always has been. He's saying his big words and sentences, playing board games and computer games, and trying to negotiate his way out of bedtime. He doesn't even mind going to the hospital because I try to schedule enough time so that we can enjoy the toys in the activity room. Physically, Les is still shaky on his right side. I'd say it's back to where it was prior to the surgery (they warned us it would bet worse before it got better). Grandpa Martin came to the house last Monday (5/12) and they played outside on the playground with Les' friend, Elizabeth. Les climbed the ladder, went down the slide and swung on the swings. I'm looking forward to him starting the physical and occupational therapy next week to speed his progress along and give us specific exercises and games to play. Please don't visualize him as you see him in the photos on the website. He's back to normal and doesn't even have much of a scar from the surgery. I'm going to try to get some recent photos posted soon, however, I'm not in control of that portion of the website, so don't hold your breath. There is one photo of him holding his baby cousin, Jazmine, on the home page and that's a pretty good representation of what he looks like now.


I know everyone is eagerly awaiting this update. I must say I’m a little more hard pressed to sit down and do it. This last week was not one of my favorites weeks. I didn’t realize going back down to the hospital would be such a trial. Last weekend it was fun to be home, do chores, visit with friends and relatives, and pretty much ignore reality.


I know how powerful prayer has been in our life over the past few weeks and we really appreciate it. I’d like to ask that you also pray for my cousin, Matt, as he is currently battling cancer as well. His is much more critical than Les’ is at this point and he needs immediate attention. He and his wife are traveling to Houston, TX this week for a consultation at MD Anderson. Please pray that the doctors there will take his case and can help him and that the insurance company will grant the referrals. Also pray for strength in their family as they too are facing a difficult experience.

Much love to you all.
Cecillia, Jason and Les