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Thu. 5/1/03 - Eating

Thursday 5/1/03
Last night Les was put on his side in order to start moving his body around more. The nurse and Cillia helped him do it the first couple times and then Les surprised Cillia by rolling over with just the help from the nurse while Cillia was sleeping.

Les is waiting for the Speech and Occupational therapists to come in this morning to evaluate his neck muscles. He can’t wait to be able to eat again and drink juice and milk.

Watching videos is a favorite way of passing the time. The daily schedule revolves around how many episodes of certain programs we watch before the next “thing” happens.

Jason went to Grandma’s to sleep last night and will be in later. Cillia plans on sleeping at Grandma’s tonight.

One of the support team from the Hem/Onc (pronounced Heem/Ock and meaning Hematology/Oncology) ward came by yesterday and invited Cillia and Jason to participate in a “Daymaker” sponsored by AVEDA at the Ronald McDonald House. There are local beauticians, make-up artists and massage therapists volunteer their time. Cillia is looking forward to participating and have had friends and relatives offer to sit with Les while she is gone.

The blessings that have come in are unbelievable. Thanks to everyone who is involved in the Fountain’s lives right now.

Hooray! Les has been cleared to eat “mechanical softs” and enjoyed some diced ham, macaroni & cheese, peaches, milk, and graham cracker for lunch.

He has enjoyed spending some time in a well-padded wagon being rolled around the ward and over to the playroom. They have all kinds of games, toys, and painting projects.

Les is being moved tonight from the IMU (intermediate critical care) to the Ortho/Rehab unit. They won’t have to monitor him as often over there and they have many more activities available to keep him entertained.