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Showing posts from June, 2004

Tue. 6/29/04 - Graduation

Tuesday, 6/29/04 All Les’ tests from last week came back good. His MRI is still clear – Praise God!!! Last Sunday (6/27/04) we had a small graduation celebration for Les at the Marriot Yacht Club in San Diego. Gammie organized a short ceremony and Les performed magic tricks for us all (with the help of Gammie and Grandma Sue). Les received the t-shirt in the photo that night and I thought it was very appropriate. What a wonderful time to relax with family and friends and know the chemo is behind us. We wore Les out over the weekend and I took him to the hospital today thinking he may have low hemoglobin counts again because he complained of being “weary and dizzy” yesterday. Silly me, his counts are higher than mine (I know this because they wouldn’t let me give blood last week because my hemoglobin counts were slightly below the limit). I guess it was just a case of running our kid down and expecting him to be able to bounce back quickly. Les still has his nasty runny nose/co

Thu. 6/17/04 - The End?

Thursday, 6/17/04 This week has been GREAT! We have had a week of NO appointments, not even therapy. We have played with friends, worked on projects, relaxed, and really enjoyed ourselves. Last week was Les’ last chemo treatment and next week is his post treatment tests and MRI.