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Wed. 12/10/03 - Christmas

Wednesday, 12/10/03 Yesterday Les had a clinic visit that was supposed to be just a blood test and his outpatient chemo dose of vincristine, however, his hemoglobin counts were down, so we stayed for a blood transfusion. There were no complications and today he’s up and around just like normal. The last couple days I could tell his counts were dropping because his energy level was low and his “crankiness factor” was high. I’m learning to read the signs. I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a few weeks. Our Thanksgiving weekend was great! Les had energy and was playing with the cousins at grandma’s house – oh, and he had high blood counts, so I wasn’t as worried about germs that day. The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on household projects and chores. The last couple weeks have been pretty good also. Last week Les and I were inpatient at the hospital to start his next round of chemo. Except for not getting much sleep, everything went fairly well. He did much better at home this