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Sat. 3/27/04 - Birthday

Saturday, 3/27/04 Sorry about the delay in updates lately. That “short bout of stomach flu” lasted a lot longer than I was anticipating. I still have a faint lingering cough, but my nose seems to have cleared up. Les also is still struggling with a runny nose. We’ve tried double dose of antibiotics and Sudafed, but none of it has helped. The doctor says it’s probably going to go away on its own – someday. Please pray that “someday” is TODAY, otherwise I will need to purchase stock in Kleenex tissue – we are going through them like crazy. The big news since the last update is that Les is now 5 years old. He had two birthday parties. On his actual birthday (3/14) he got to go to the local family fun center and ride bumper boats with Gammie, go-carts with Daddy, a small train (by himself), and some spinning teacups with Grandpa Martin. After that we headed over to a favorite pizza parlor that also has a nice little kid friendly arcade. Les opened presents while we ate and then got to g

Thu. 3/11/04 - Splints

Thursday, 3/11/04 Well, no news is good news. Sorry I haven’t updated the website for a month. Life has taken over and the website got pushed aside for a time. We did start to update a couple weeks ago and then our monitor literally burnt something. We were able to switch out the monitor the next day, but the website update momentum was lost. Here’s what we had. ****************************************** Saturday, 2/28/04 Jason and Les are updating the website today. I will interview Les and then I will interview Cillia and put things together. (The Cillia interview never happened). Les says: I am doing well and I love riding my tricycle out on the back patio. Mommy and I went to the hospital Tuesday through Thursday (2/24-2/26) to start my next round of chemo and the treatment went very good. I played a tractor game at the playroom, which gave mommy time to get dinner and lunch. With Great-Grandma’s help, I decorated some triangle flags with sparkles and shapes as a craft