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Empowering Les: Navigating Neurological Therapy and Mobility Challenges

Before we had the name “Cerebellar Atrophy”, we had come to the conclusion on our own that Les was dealing with a neurological problem. Cecillia came across a program called Z-Health. Their techniques are all based on neurology. Neurology in a nutshell is this -the brain gets input from the body; interprets the input and decides what to do with that information; and then creates some sort of output. Oftentimes one or more of these steps is not doing its job correctly and it causes problems. The idea of Z-Health is to try to identify where in this cycle a problem exists and stimulate that area of the brain to make it work better. That was a super simple explanation - Here is a 6-minute video explaining it a little better - but still simplified. Les has been working with a couple of Z-Health practitioners for about 5 months now. We meet with them weekly over Zoom. Cecillia is the camerawoman and therapy assistant as they ask Les to do various tasks or e