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Sat. 2/14/04 - Valentine's

Saturday, 2/14/04 Happy Valentine’s Day Les had a great week. Even though we were all dealing with runny noses, Les was a joy to be around. What a difference a change in medicines make. There was a bit of sadness this week though. Jason’s grandfather died on Monday 2/9/04. His health had been failing him in recent months, so it wasn’t unexpected. The funeral was on Thursday and Jason traveled up to Fresno to attend. We decided Les and I were not healthy enough to make the quick trip. We missed seeing everyone and wished we could have gone. On a happy note, Les’ counts were really high on Tuesday when we went to clinic and so they said we didn’t have to come back on Friday this week. Yeah!!! A whole week before we go back – we were soooo excited. The G-CSF and Aranesp shots are doing their jobs! Les’ weight is also up. He’s finally back to where he was before all this started last April (around 41 lbs). His feedings are going much better this round in part because we have been

Sun. 2/8/04 - Sick

Sunday, 2/8/04 Well, this past week everyone got sick. Jason was the first. He got a cold last weekend and then I came down with it on Wednesday night. Les now has a bit of congestion, but not quite a full-blown cold. I must brag about my dad, Grandpa Martin. He came over on Thursday afternoon and played with Les for the rest of the day and then stayed the night and drove us to and from the hospital on Friday for Les’ appointment – thus allowing me some much-needed rest. Les ended up needing a hemoglobin transfusion, so it was a long visit. Thank you Grandpa Martin. Overall, this round of treatment has been better than the past ones. Remember, they gave him 50% of the dose for both his chemos. Les seems to have more energy this time around. He is playing more and is keeping Jason and I on our toes, which is difficult when we aren’t feeling well. I guess I’d rather be trying to keep up with him than having him on the couch all day long. That’s about all for now. I’m exhausted and