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Mon. 5/19/03 - Neuro

Monday 5/19/03
Aunt Joanna (my sister) and Jazmine picked us up at 9:30am for a quick trip to one appointment and then back home. At least that was the plan. Through a chain of events out of our control we didn’t return home until 4:00pm; with company coming for dinner (they brought the dinner) at 6:00pm and a cluttered dining room table to contend with. Exhaustion had to wait. Oh, and did I mention Les had a board game all set up on the floor waiting for a partner to take the other marker?

It’s starting to hit me a little more between the eyes that my life has changed and will never quite be the same. It’s not unmanageable, yet, but my priorities had better be in order, or else everyone suffers (Les most of all). The board game was lots of fun and the clutter, well; it was swooshed off behind closed doors in the office just in time.

Oh, and our appointment went wonderfully. We saw our neurosurgeon for our 3 week follow-up and he was very pleased with Les’ progress. We don’t have to see him again for 4 more months.