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Sun. 5/4/03 - Bed

Sunday 5/4/03

Happy 31st Birthday to Cecillia!

Les was physically doing better today, but emotionally he was a little down. Cillia was able to cuddle with him when she arrived this morning. Les seemed to like that. The nurses were kind enough to offer a private room, so the packing and moving began again. This is the now the 6th room they have been in. Since Les was cuddling, and it was Cillia’s birthday, both Les and Cillia got to ride in the bed from the old room to the new room. What a treat for mommy!!!

The new room is a little smaller and does not have a shower in it like the old room did, but it does have a refrigerator, two TV’s and no room mate. The old room had a back door that opened to a courtyard with a playground structure in it. The new room also opens to a courtyard, but this one has a large train to play in as well as some smaller playground ride-on bouncy things.

After settling into the new room, a special birthday lunch was delivered by Cillia’s friends from work. Les even went outside after being coaxed with chocolate cake. He did a pretty good job of eating it with his right hand, though the birds will love to come after him and clean up a little. Les also walked much better today holding just one hand at times.

Grandma Sue goes back to work tomorrow, so Cillia is staying with Les tonight. Jason is at Grandma’s house and will join them in the morning.

Les is expecting to meet with the Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist on Monday. Les’ discharge will be based on their evaluations. Best guess so far is Tuesday May 6th.

Thanks again for all your prayers. They are working!!!