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Sun. 5/18/03 - Bandages

Sunday 5/18/03
Jason and I decide to take Les’ bandages off first thing after breakfast so we wouldn’t have to deal with it later in the day. You have to understand the challenge in this because Les hates tape and the bandage on his back was about 3 inches tall and 8 inches long and the one on his chest was about 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. We tried to distract him with a Veggie Tales video, but we still needed to lightly restrain him in order to get through it. I’m on a mission now for no-hurt tape and better adhesive removers. We had some adhesive remover packets from the hospital, but ran out during the second bandage. Ingenuity kicked in and fingernail polish remover was our next best idea. It seemed to work better than nothing.

We were an hour late for second service at church but we went anyway. It was nice to see our friends after service and touch base with them. The rest of the afternoon was restful. Someone brought us dinner tonight and that was a blessing.

That leads me to right now. I’m about ready to fall asleep and I realize that I shouldn’t try to recap an entire week in one night again. I’ll try to do it more frequently in the future so I’m not so overwhelmed by the task and also you will get information a little more quickly.

Next week we have our initial evaluation with outpatient Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, a clinic visit to see an oncologist, a follow-up with the neurosurgeon, a developmental evaluation (psych. test) and a simulation at the radiation oncology dept. (not scheduled yet so I don’t know what day). I’ll try to keep the schedule updated on the home page.