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Wed. 5/7/03 - New Hat

Wednesday 5/7/03
Everyone slept in his or her own bed last night J. After breakfast and a quick bath, Les and Cillia went to visit the preschool. All his friends were happy to see him back. Les participated in circle time and did some “jobs”. Then it was then time to accompany Cillia to the grocery store for much needed milk.

The rest of the day was spent settling back into their home. Jason stayed home to make sure everyone would be OK before he goes back to work.

Aunt Joanna brought baby Jazmine (8 weeks old) over to visit. Oh, she also brought lunch J. Jazmine had been a little sick while Les was in the hospital, so they were not able to visit. She is healthy now. The cousins seemed to enjoy seeing each other. Grandpa Martin stopped by a little later and joined in the visit.


Thank you all for your prayers and support. Now that Les is home, the website will probably only be updated on a weekly basis, or when important events are coming up or have happened.

We enjoy reading the guestbook. Thanks for all your messages.


Les has many appointments scheduled for next week.

Tuesday (5/13/03) – 11:00am: Lab work and physical prior to Wednesday’s surgery – Pray that the needle sticks don’t hurt that much and that Les will be brave.

Wednesday (5/14/03) – 10:00am: minor surgery to implant a Port-a-Cath, perform a Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) and Bone Marrow Aspiration all done under anesthesia – Pray that there are no complications and that recovery will be quick.

Thursday (5/15/03) – 10:30am: Hearing Test – Pray that it is easy and that Les will cooperate, especially after the two previous days of yucky stuff.

Les is also supposed to have two days of Physical Therapy next week, though the appointments haven't been arranged yet. Please pray that they fit into the busy schedule.