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Mon. 5/5/03 - Eat All Day

Activity Center - Toys
Monday 5/5/03
Les started his day by eating 12 oz. of yogurt before his breakfast was delivered to his room. He then proceeded to eat all of his pancakes, syrup, and milk. When Jason arrived at 9 am, Les was still asking for more yogurt.

The Occupational Therapist played the “Cootie” game with Les, putting the legs and antennae on the ‘cooties’ was good practice for hand-eye coordination. He then went to the gym for some physical therapy, where he walked, stacked, climbed stairs, popped soap bubbles, cried, kicked a ball, and cried some more. Les was observed by a doctor to evaluate his progress and determine how close he was to being discharged.

Back in Les’ room, Jason and Les took a nap until the Playroom opened up. Jason and Les went to the Playroom and enjoyed some computer playtime, discussed the blast deflectors on a toy aircraft carrier, and played a low-speed game of air hockey. Les won at air hockey and showed good hand-eye coordination.

Les was a voracious eater all day. He ate almost constantly from noon until bedtime. Lunch, snacks, dessert, pre-dinner salmon and sweet potatoes, dinner, yogurt, and he was making requests for dessert as he was getting into his pajamas. The medications have apparently increased his appetite.

Tuesday will present a new challenge to Jason and Cecillia. Les has to stop eating at 7 am for an early afternoon bone-scan, for which he will be under general anesthesia. A bone scan is performed by injecting a small amount of radioactive marker into an IV. Three hours later the patient is placed through a scanner and the radioactive marker will be concentrated in any region where there is high bone turnover. This is the first of a battery of tests that he will undergo prior to starting his treatment.

After a day of eating so much food, Jason and Cillia will have their hands full trying to distract and entertain Les. This might be the most challenging feat yet.

There is a really good chance that Les will be discharged tomorrow after his bone scan. The website will be updated as soon as it is official.