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Sat. 5/3/03 - Laptop

Saturday 5/3/03
Jason and Cillia didn’t get back to the hospital until almost lunchtime. There was much updating on the website that needed to be done at Grandma’s house.

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Martin were with Les in the morning. They reported that Les walked even better than the day before and he ate his oatmeal by himself with his right hand. Some of the spoonfuls hit his cheeks, neck, and forehead, but the majority of them went into his mouth. He also went to the Activity Room and played computer games.

Les’ personality is coming back strong. He’s starting to say his special little sayings in funny voices again and he’s even sprinkling a few smiles into the conversation. He thought it was funny that Grandma was staying with him while Mommy and Daddy stayed at Grandma’s.

Les took a good long nap with Cillia next to him on the bed. He seemed to like her close proximity.

The Fountain’s had a quiet family dinner in the hospital cafeteria. Les rode in his wheelchair and they carried his dinner tray with them as they navigated the halls and elevators to the eatery. Les enjoys the freedom to roam around the hospital. He only spends short periods of time attached to the IV tree, which gives them long periods of time for exploring.

On the way back to the room after dinner, Jason wanted to check out the hospital chapel. It happened to be just around the corner from Les’ room. They decided it would be a good time to have a family worship service and Jason went to the room to get his guitar. When they were ready to start, Jason asked Les what song he would like to sing first. Les replied, “Great is Your Mercy Lord.”

Jason began playing the song and watched as both Cillia and Les started clapping to the beat. As Jason started singing the song, he looked at Les and saw a grin spread across his face as he began worshipping. His voice could be heard over the guitar, Cillia, and Jason especially, during those times when Jason “forgot the words”. Les’ attention span is very short right now and three songs were all he was up for.

When they got back to the room it was time for Les to get cleaned up a bit. The particular type of IV he has does not allow him to shower, but the surgeon cleared him on getting his “owie” wet. The hospital provided some waterless shampoo and baby wipes sufficed for the rest. After the “bath” it was time for bed. Grandma Sue came again to stay the night so Jason and Cillia could rest at Grandma’s. Les was looking forward to having Grandma Sue sleep with him in his bed again.