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Friday, May 16, 2003

Fri. 5/16/03 - Radiation Oncology

Friday 5/16/03
10:00 am appointment at UCSD Medical Center – Hillcrest with the Radiation Oncologist. This waiting room wasn’t as geared to kids as the ones at Children’s Hospital. There was one toy for him to play with and it seemed to hold his attention rather well. It was a circular maze that was mounted in the center on a wall. There was a small red disk similar to a checker that could move around the maze by gravity when Les turned it. There wasn’t a start of finish, just the fun of watching it go around all the different paths.

We were able to talk to the Case Managing Nurse and also the Radiation Oncologist. I didn’t learn much new information from what I read in my book. I did get some good news though. I found that they could access Les’ port on Monday and leave the needle and IV hookups in all week. This will make life much more simple during our appointments because Les will need anesthesia every day for his radiation treatments.

Our next appointment was with anesthesia pre-op. Because of asking so many questions during the previous appointment, we were late for this appointment. That meant we had to go have lunch at the cafeteria and come back later. We finally got through the appointment and went back to the truck to go to Grandma’s. I noticed a bunch of fluid from our car when we walked up, so after a long talk with Jason we finally risked driving the truck to a service station. They did a complimentary check of our radiator and then off to the auto parts store to buy a new radiator cap.

When we finally got back to Grandma’s it was three hours later than I had expected. I was exhausted and took a nap. Les stayed awake and watched some videos with grandma. Later that night I packed things up to get ready for our big fun day on Saturday.