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Wed. 6/18/03 - Seafood

Wednesday 6/18/03
Les and I drove to San Juan Capistrano to visit with the Fowlers. They are the family that I working for from home prior to Les’ diagnosis. They are wonderful and were the ones responsible for arranging the website creation. I am eternally indebted to them for this wonderful gift. Les and their son, Sammy, played for hours and I had to drag Les away so I could get home in time for my spa manicure/pedicure.

Les had me take a detour by Point Loma Seafood on our way to Grandma’s because he was hungry for seafood. At this point I would buy him anything he was willing to eat. He chose crab. We were able to buy one precooked crab leg and a sourdough bread roll. They cracked it for us and Les ate about half of it (I ate the other half) while sitting looking out over all the boats in the harbor. We made it home just in time for me to drop Les off and head over to my cousin’s house.

My cousin gave me a coupon for my birthday good for one spa pedicure and we went together. We followed it up with dinner and shopping. Not exactly the way I would have envisioned spending my 9th anniversary, but it was better than staying at Grandma’s by myself.