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Mon. 6/30/03 - Last Week

There are 4 whale in this picture - Really!
Monday, 6/30/03

Well, last week I was still tired. I guess that comes with the territory.

Last week Les and I went to Balboa Park on Tuesday (free day for some of the museums). We saw the Hall of Champions (sports) Aerospace (planes, space ships) and Automotive (cars, motorcycles) museums. At this age, Les thoroughly enjoyed all of museums and we were only gone about 2 hours. After a late nap, we decided to head over to Sea World and see the night shows over there. We also got to go up in the sky tower at night. It was one of the few clear nights in the past few weeks, so I thought we’d better take advantage of it. Also, the tower has a “tree” of lights coming from it’s point and the lights are colored to represent the American flag. Les loves “United States of America flags” so this was an extra special treat to be able to go up inside of this one. While we were at the top, we could look down into all the areas of Sea World and saw that the baby killer whales were in the observation pool. We headed over there and saw two mommies and two babies swimming around. One of the mommies was really nice and would come right up to the glass and stay there while we “petted” her. She would even follow you when you walked away. Needless to say, we really enjoyed our visit with the whales that night.

Wednesday was a recuperation day. Also, Wednesday we found out that Les’ radiation would be completed a week early. For the remained of the week I kept asking different people why and finally was able to talk to the doctor on Saturday. Long story made really short, Les’ radiation will not stop a week early and we will continue for the full 6 weeks.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. We had a quick visit home over the weekend and then back down on Sunday night.

Today was a full morning, but finished up on time this week – YEAH!! After our appointments, Les wanted to head to Target to buy his new Buzz Lightyear tennis shoes. He’s been saving his “account” for the last 4 weeks in order to be able to purchase these shoes. I give him $4/wk (since he’s 4 years old) for filling in his chart. His chart has all his medications and appointments that we do each day. It’s the least I can do to make up for all he’s going through. Anyway, we had an extra special surprise when we realized that the shoes were on sale this week and he only had to spend $12 instead of $16 to purchase them. Now he has money left over!!!

This week will be shortened because of the 4th of July holiday so, only 4 treatments this week. Next week will be his last week of radiation and, I believe 4 treatments there also ending on Thursday. Next week is also day camp!

Camp Reach for the Sky is sponsored by the American Cancer Society (free for us). For Les’ age group they offer a 6-day day camp here at Balboa Park. They will have doctors and nurses on staff as well as many volunteers. From 9am – 3pm Les will be having the time of his life – I hope. Please pray that this turns into a really great experience for him. I’m looking forward to some time to myself for some R&R as well. It should be a good week for transitioning out of radiation treatments and into our new phase.