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Sat. 6/14/03 - Zipper

Saturday 6/14/03
We came home yesterday for the first time in two weeks (last weekend Jason traveled to San Diego to visit us).  It’s good to be home.  Our garden has grown and is even showing signs of baby vegetables.  Our corn stalks are almost as tall as me (5’10”).  Amazing since we started with little seeds back in March.

Jason’s dad traveled down from San Luis Obispo today for a short visit.  It was good to see him and Les enjoyed his company as always.

Well, I’m starting to see the effects of the treatments a little bit more now.  Not much, mind you, but a little. Les’ appetite has diminished greatly. When offered a whole ice cream bar, he only takes a few bites and then is “full”.  Please pray that I can find enough “healthy” foods to feed him that he will actually eat.  He still likes his chicken nuggets, though he only eats about 2 now.  I’ll be talking to the dietician on Monday during our clinic visit and I hope to get some good information from her.

Another item to keep in prayer is the healing of Les’ “zipper” on the back of his head (incision site from the brain surgery). Last week, Les picked a large portion of the scab off and this week it started to show signs of moisture around it.  On Wed. night he touched it again and it started to bleed a very little bit.  We went in to the neurosurgeon’s office on Thursday morning and they were mildly concerned about it.  There wasn’t any sign of infection which is good, however, to be on the safe side, they prescribed 10 days of antibiotic (3 times a day).  Les was given a “talking to” about “not touching it ever again until he was a big boy as big as daddy J.”  Les and I are teaming up on this now.  His job is to not touch it and my job is to keep it clean.  Depending on our surroundings, I may put a gauze pad on it and gently wrap a bandage around his head like a headband to keep it on or just put one of his crocheted hats over it.  Today, I left it open because he’s being really good about not touching it and we were inside most of the day.  I also put a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment on it.  The radiation treatments are not helping the healing process any as they are working contrary to the healing.  Please pray that this does not get infected and heals in spite of the radiation.

Thanks again for your prayers.  Because of them, I’m able to handle these bumps in the road calmly.  Keep it up, please :).