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Tue. 6/3/03 - Sea World

Tuesday 6/3/03
Everything is going good so far. Les wasn’t excited about taking his chemotherapy medicine this afternoon, but we did get it down. I asked Les what we might be able to do to make it easier next time and he suggested having sugar with it. I called the nurse and she said I could do anything with it I want. I can put it in ice cream; I can put it in grape juice; I can put whipped cream on it; etc. I haven’t told Les all the suggestions yet, that way I can control the process a little better. So now the creativity starts. With Les’ cooperation, I’m positive we can figure something out.

We went to Sea World today (Les and I have passes). We saw lots of shows including Shamu and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. Les even conned me into buying him an ice cream cone – with the understanding that we wouldn’t have ice cream at grandmas later. He must have remembered because he didn’t ask for anything after dinner. [Les took the photo of Shamu with his own camerz]

Les played with great-grandma this afternoon and they created objects with his K’NEX set that he received as a gift while in the hospital. Les is doing great at following the pattern and putting the pieces together by himself (another great right/left hand activity J). He has currently accomplished a “level 1” pattern and a “level 3” pattern (with minor assistance in reading the pattern).

When I tucked Les into bed tonight I asked him if he wanted to read me a book. He said that it didn’t make sense for him to read to me when he was the one going to bed. He decided he could though after I promised that I would still read to him the number of stories that I normally do. We invite the grandmas in to hear his reading. He read two books to us tonight, which delighted the grandmas. We have the “BOB” books that are very simple stories, even more basic than the classic Dick and Jane stories. I cover up the picture so he is forced to sound out the words on his own and not guess at what it says. Then after he reads the page, I uncover the picture. He sounded out MAT, SAM, SAT, ON, CAT, & AND. You should have seen great-grandma’s face when she saw him really reading.

I must say again how blessed we are to have such a wonderful group of people supporting us. I’m sure most of you don’t know, but our church has arranged to have meals delivered to our home on Friday and Saturday nights when Les and I are there. This is a wonderful blessing to me. It’s one less thing to have to do while I’m at home for such a short time. THANK YOU!!! It also helps Jason out during the week because there are usually some leftovers for him to eat on other nights.

Your prayer support is still amazingly appreciated! Please don’t stop! I feel such a peace about this whole process. Even during the trying times like giving Les his medicine this afternoon, I was able to stay strong; talk him through it and allow him to help me to find a way to make it easier in the future. I know that God was with me sitting on the kitchen floor and holding me and comforting me, just like I was holding Les and comforting him.

God is Awesome!!!