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Wed. 4/30/03 - Recovery

Wednesday 4/30/03
1:00am Wednesday morning Les woke up. He was back to his normal self mentally. He asked clear, though tough questions. He asked “why am I in this position?” Cillia clarified with him if he wanted to know about his physical position on the bed or the position of being in the hospital with and “owie” on his head. Of course, Les wanted to know the answer to the latter.

Cillia reminded him of the tumor and the reason it need to come out. She expressed her sympathy and tried to offer as much comfort as possible. He was calm and seemed to accept the answer. He then asked why he was in the position he was on the bed. That made Cillia smile and confirm that there was nothing wrong with his mind.

Les’ neck is sore. He doesn’t want to move it at all, which is understandable. They will start to give him some pain medication today so that we can start to move around better. They didn’t want to give him pain medication until now because it would have impaired his neurological responses, which were critical for them to be able to assess early on.

The Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapists were back this morning. Les did a great job at chewing and swallowing, however he wasn’t moving his head at all, so they held off on the food for today. They want to make sure he has control over his neck muscles. He was bummed.

The nurse got conflicting instructions from the therapists and a surgeon, so she allowed a few licks of a Popsicle after taking Tylenol with Codeine orally. Another surgeon saw it and made them strictly stick to the therapists’ recommendations. It has been the only time in their hospital experience that there was a conflict and they consider it to be rather minor in the grand scheme of things. Later, pain medication was given through the IV.

Les received a sponge bath today. He wasn’t thrilled to be moving around, but mommy and daddy encouraged him to move so that his neck muscles would strengthen and he would be able to eat tomorrow.

Later in the evening, Grandma Sue, Grandpa Martin and Jason Bendikson were with Les when the nurse brought in a wagon. She promptly informed Les that he was going for a ride. He was a little hesitant at first and was cautious about being transferred from the bed. Grandpa Martin picked him right up and the nurse helped him get settled in the wagon. They all went for a walk around the ward and Les thought it was pretty cool. Jason and Cillia had been out for a dinner and email break, so when Cillia came back to the room she was surprised to see the empty bed. Her surprise turned to excitement when they came rolling around the corner. Les wanted to show mommy some kites he had found and so they went for another walk. Daddy missed this experience, because he was outside making yet another phone call.

Les has smiled today and his eyes are showing a little more of the brightness that he’s known for.

Cillia and Jason were able to download the multitudes of emails from family and friends and they appreciate all the well wishes, prayers, offers for support and messages.