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Fri. 4/25/03 - Bubbles

Friday 4/25/03
Getaway weekend for Jason and Cecillia while Les was scheduled to stay with Gammie and Papa Barry.

Cillia called from Gammie’s house in Wildomar to Paramedic Todd and Murrieta Station 2 and discussed whether or not to call 911. Todd felt that it was worthy of a 911 response.

Cillia called Jason who had just arrived home to say that she was going to bring Les home in Murrieta and then call 911, hoping that the Fire Department could push Les to the front of the line at a hospital emergency room. As Jason and Cillia talked, Jason stood in the garage. Just as Jason was going to tell Cillia to wait to call 911, the Murrieta Fire District Engine 631 (station 1) pulled to a stop in front of our house. Two firemen and a Paramedic jumped from the vehicle and approached Jason. Forrest, the Engineer, said to Jason, “You don’t look so hurt.”

Jason explained that he wasn’t, that Les was our concern. Forrest indicated that Todd had called from Station 2 saying, “Barry’s son is having some displasia and weakness on one side and that they should expect a 911 call.” Since Forrest knew me and where we lived, he piled his crew into the Engine and drove to the house Code 3. Forrest asked Jason if we needed an ambulance at the house and Jason confirmed there was no need for an ambulance. Forrest asked “Red” the Paramedic to call and cancel the ambulance.

Cillia brought Les home from Gammie’s house and we let Red administer some field tests on Les’ neurological responses. It was recommended that we take him directly to Children’s Hospital Emergency Room in San Diego, because the local hospitals would not be equipped to handle such a young child as well as Children’s would.

Jason and Cillia made the decision to go to Children’s. They went inside and packed a suitcase expecting that they would be staying the night at the hospital ER and/or Grandma’s house in San Diego. They were scheduled to host a church home group that night, so they prepared the house and left a note on the door for everyone to come in and make themselves at home. Cillia’s dad attended the group and showed up first, so they left him in charge after they informed him of their plans.

It was dinnertime and they hadn’t eaten yet, so off to Subway to grab a quick sandwich. While at Subway, they ran into friends from church and asked them to pray for them because they were going to the ER.

The drive to the ER was uneventful. A few calls were made to inform Grandma that they may show up in the middle of the night and want to sleep in her spare bed.