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Sat. 4/26/03 - ER

Saturday 4/26/03
8:45pm Friday (4/25) they checked into the ER. At 11:45pm they were shown to an examining room and by 12:30am (4/26) the doctors were expressing the need for an image of Les’ brain. A “CaT”Scan was performed at 3am and Les was so tired they didn’t need anesthesia for him to hold still. By 4:00am the doctor had informed them that a tumor had shown up on the scan, and that they would be admitted to the hospital with plans of a surgery soon. Les finally fell asleep shortly after 4:00am. He had only 2 hours of sleep in the previous 21 hours.

By 5:30am Les was moved to an ICU (intensive care unit) room. After a brief consultation with the neurosurgeon, an MRI scan was done at 10:15am. They were checking his head and spinal column to see if there was any spreading of the tumor through the spinal fluid. Les had anesthesia for the MRI scan and did well. Grandma Sue had arrived shortly before the MRI and she was able to stay near Les while Cillia and Jason returned to the Children’s area for a meeting with Dr. Meltzer, the neurosurgeon. We discussed the CaT scan and the probable course of treatment, depending on the results of the MRI scan. A surgery was scheduled for 7:30am on Monday morning (4/28/03).

Les’ vital signs were so stable that he was moved from the ICU to the IMU (intermediate care) on Saturday afternoon (4/26). Dave and Christopher Kentish had shown up to visit about this time, so Cillia was able to go to her Grandma’s during the afternoon to get a shower and short nap while Jason remained with Les. Jason later went to Grandma’s for the night while Cillia stayed in Les’ room with him. Children’s Hospital believes strongly in parent involvement and tries to make them as comfortable as possible. Les did rather well with the constant interruptions throughout the night. Cillia did OK too.