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Wed. 4/28/04 - One Year!

Wednesday, 4/28/04
One year ago today Les had his brain surgery to remove his tumor. It seems so long ago in a way, yet at the same time it seems like yesterday. Our lives made a dramatic change during that weekend, yet we can all say that God is good.

I'm sitting here in the hospital room and Les is receiving his chemo (our regular two-night stay). He's sitting up watching a video and he's already played in the playroom twice and the schoolroom once today. His best friend from Murrieta also came to visit today with her family and they traded turns riding the tricycle outside on the patio. All that to say that our days are upbeat and busy and we are looking forward to our final treatments in the next couple months.

Thanks yet again for your prayers of support. We couldn't have made it this far without God's healing hand and your helping hands.