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Sun. 4/11/04 - Easter

Sunday, 4/11/04
Happy Easter! We had a fun filled weekend with many egg hunts, gatherings and of course, church service. My digital camera was old and now is gone, so I’ll have to get my 35 mm photos developed to put on the web.

I was hoping Les would get through this latest round of chemo without needing a hemoglobin transfusion, but it didn’t work out that way. Friday we ended up staying at the hospital all day waiting for blood and then getting the transfusion. It was a good excuse to go see the grandma’s at dinnertime before heading home.

Les is still doing great. At our last doctor check the doctor said that Les was handling the treatment extraordinarily well. I guess a lot of other kids get their dose reduced as Les has, but they don’t respond as well as Les has. I’m taking that information as an answer to all our prayers. Thank-you, and Praise God!

Les has another MRI scheduled for this week on Wednesday. I’m expecting another clean scan to add to our collection.

On the home front, I finished sewing all the curtains and the furniture is now moved into the new music room. There are still miscellaneous items left in the old music room that need to be thinned out and removed before we can transform it into Les’ new bedroom. It is going to be fun to start that project. The goal is to complete Les’ room and get him moved in by the time his chemo treatment is over.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. They are obviously working and we are grateful.