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Sat. 4/3/04 - No Blood

Saturday 4/3/04 No transfusions this week!!! This means he probably won’t need them at all this round, as we are coming out of the “lowest counts” phase. YEAH! It was funny; Les likes to get transfusions (I don’t know why, but he does, so I’m not going to mess that up). Yesterday (Friday, 4/2) he wanted his blood test results to be low enough for a transfusion and I wanted them to be high so we could just come right on home in time for lunch. We had fun realizing one of us would “win” and one would “lose” and neither of us had any control over the situation. I ended up winning this time, and we made it back into town in time to meet up with daddy for lunch.

This last week Les was a little more tired (napped everyday), but still he’s having a fun time being 5. Grandpa Martin and Gammie both came by this week to spend some time with him and he always gets riled up when he has visitors to play with.

We’re all excited around here because some of our rooms are trading places. The music room is moving to where the office was (the office is now temporarily located in the dining room), the office will move to where Les’ room is and will get the new name of “schoolroom”, and Les will get a new bedroom where the music room was. We hope to complete this entire home decorating project before school starts in August. Les will start kindergarten this year and we have decided to home school him, thus the new “schoolroom”.

Last weekend we put paint on some of the new music room walls and this weekend we hope to cover two of the walls with foam scraps in order to provide a bit of sound dampening from the other bedroom areas. My huge task this week will be to make nine 10’ long curtain panels that will hang in front of the foam and make the walls look nicer. One of the reasons to move the music room was so Jason could feel more comfortable playing his guitar in the evening after Les went to bed and not disturb Les.

The next room to tackle will be Les’ new bedroom. We haven’t come to any final conclusions on the design yet, but Les is voting for a “Rescue Hero” room. We’ll see. It looks like it will be sometime in May before we start that project.