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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Tue. 4/20/04 - Clear MRI

Tuesday, 4/20/04
Results are in – MRI was clear once again!!! Praise God!!!

We are off to Corona this morning for an OT appointment. Life is going to be a bit busier now with appointments in both San Diego and Corona, but it will help Les get his strength and coordination back again, so it’s important.

Last weekend Les spent two nights at Gammie’s house so Jason and I could get away for the weekend. We finally got our weekend get-away after a one-year delay. If you don’t remember, we took Les to the emergency room this time last year (the weekend after Easter) instead of going on a planned get-away. This year we all enjoyed ourselves and Gammie did a great job with Les’ feeding schedule and nighttime routine. Thank-you Gammie!!!

Life is a bit scrambled around here with all the room changes, but I’m excited. I was able to track down some new cabinets for the new schoolroom – for FREE. I am also receiving some donated shelves and bunk bed for Les’ new bedroom. Things are coming together even better than I imagined. I look forward to having everything in its new location and my office contents out of the dining room.

Les goes in for his next round of chemo next week on Tuesday. I probably won’t update again until we return home from his hospital stay. Thanks again for your prayers of support.

The photo is of Snoozy and Les at Snoozy’s clown school graduation. If any of you think Les is a clown at times it’s because both his grandmothers are certified clowns.