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Navigating Life's Rollercoaster: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - An Update on Les's Journey

Two Steps Forward...

Things were looking up in late October and early November. We found a mobility device that seemed to meet Les’s needs and ordered it but it won’t get here for 4-6 weeks. Then we also started remodeling Les’s bathroom to make it “accessible” though not officially ADA. I’ll expound on these two items in future posts when there is something more to show you

One Step Back…

Then, last Sunday, Les tripped or twisted his ankle, we aren’t quite sure which, and he broke his ankle which will require surgery.  Of course, it was on his “good leg” so now he can’t walk and is bedridden. Surgery is scheduled for next week on Tuesday 11/21/23. And then 6-8 weeks of recovery - no weight bearing on it, so basically bedridden for that whole time too. 😕

In the last few days, we have learned much about moving a person without picking them up and without them putting weight on their feet. Les is becoming a champ at the slide board. It is exactly as it sounds, a board that spans the distance between the two objects he needs to transition between. He’s used it to get from the bed to the wheelchair, wheelchair to the car, you get the idea. Les even “showed off” today and moved himself back to his bed without any help. Go Les

Overall we are in good spirits. While it is throwing new tasks into our lives, they aren’t overly difficult, just different. Yes, we wish it didn’t happen, but we will overcome it - eventually.

Thanks for praying for us. Please pray for rapid healing for Les - and for patience and stamina for Mom and Dad!

Les sitting at urgent care with his splint
Les at Urgent Care

Les's left foot x-ray.