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"Hi everyone, I'm finished with my surgery, and my foot feels pretty good. Thank you for your prayers." ~Les

Les recovering at home - Day '0'

Les has a plate vertically along the bone on the outside of his left leg down near his ankle and then some screws on the inside of his ankle with some support straps horizontally between. It can remain in his leg forever unless there is future discomfort. His total recovery is projected to be 6-8 weeks. Under normal circumstances, a person with this surgery would get a walking boot and be able to start putting a percentage of their weight on the foot after a couple of weeks, but with the complications of his right leg being impacted by the cerebellar atrophy and not being able to control his ability to walk very well on his right leg, he will be non-weight bearing on his left leg for at least 4 weeks. Then we will explore the boot idea.

This afternoon was fairly uneventful. Les came home and texted his friends about his surgery and played video games. Les has a Nintendo Switch if anyone out there is interested in playing online with him.

We appreciate the prayers and all the special care we have received. Thank you!