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Going Home!

Les says,  "I only have one problem. I don't know which was my favorite nurse."  This comment came out of the blue while driving home.  His nurses were Rose, Sherayah, Tara, Kelsie, Danielle, and Sarah.

So, with the checklist complete, we are now heading home. Les wrapped up his requirements by noon, but we knew if we proceeded with discharge "right away", we would be in the middle of the evening commute.  So, we requested a delay in discharge till after the evening commute lightened up.  We left the hospital at 7:30pm.

Les says, "The side of my head does not feel good."  But he's still eager to get home to that video game. That video game turned out to be just the right motivation for him.

Besides taking a short nap this afternoon, Les has talked non-stop today.  We figure he is making up for lost time since he slept all day yesterday.

Les saw Sarah, a nurse that he met at Camp Mak-A-Dream/Teen Heads Up Conference in Montana. She works at Rady Children's and was available to escort Les to the car.

I'll update again tomorrow...

Arrrrrgg - just got home and the video game was waiting for him, but they sent it for the wrong console! We have XBox One and they sent PS4. So we are going to contact them and say we either need them to send the correct video game, or the correct console to play the game they sent - oh and next day delivery! HaHa