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"New Brain"

Les woke up last Thursday (1/15) with a "new brain".  He recognizes that something is different. It seems his thoughts are bouncing around in the new space left from the removal of the cavernoma.

He's got so many more ideas of things he wants to do. Teen pop star, lego designer, sound engineer/radio producer, go on cruises, etc.

None of his ideas correspond to accomplishing school work though.  So, the homeschool schedule is hard to maintain because he is more easily distracted; so much so that the meds that help him focus and concentrate don't seem to work anymore.  Needless to say, I'm having to constantly adjust my parenting techniques and he's keeping me on my toes trying to guide this "new brain". 

The upside of all this is that he is extremely upbeat, positive, and confident. Maybe watching The LEGO Movie and playing the LEGO Movie video game over and over again before and after surgery influenced this.  Because you know, "Everything is AWESOME!"