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Sat. 1/17/04 - Aranesp

Saturday, 1/17/04
This last week Les only had one transfusion. It was for platelets. We are now on our “rest period” with no chemo until the end of the month. Hopefully his counts will recover well.

Les started his Aranesp shots last Monday (these are weekly shots to help his hemoglobin levels recover better). I talked to the homecare nurse and she said she is scheduled to come every Monday until Feb. 2nd to give him the shot. I think after that I’m on my own. It’s kind of a mixed blessing, on one hand she pokes him instead of me; on the other hand, I have to schedule a time for her to show up and that just adds one more appointment to our lives.

Les is starting to really be affected physically by the chemo. I guess the vincristine chemo is mainly responsible. Les has developed what they call a “slappy gait” where he doesn’t control his leg and feet movements smoothly. He is also losing strength in all his limbs and becoming very clumsy and needs help much of the time to climb up from the floor. Now the mommy in me sometimes wonders how much he is playing me so he can get me to carry him or help him up, and how much he really is unable to do some of these things. I usually err on babying him, but I have seen him do things on his own if he really wants to. I share this not to make you depressed, but just to share another area where you can pray for strength for Les and wisdom for me. In all of this we are still in good spirits and taking one day at a time.

Les’ next MRI is scheduled for the 26th of January right before his next round of chemo. Please pray that it is still clear (no tumors).

Have a great week. We plan on getting more and more strength around here since Les doesn’t receive chemo this next week.

Note: I wrote this before Les woke up on Saturday morning. I just wanted you to know that all day Saturday, Les was up and about going in circles and smiling all day. He's still weak, but his spirits were bright.