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Wed. 11/5/03 - IV Tree

Wednesday, 11/5/03

No Tumors! No Tumors! No Tumors!

Talked to the doctors and found that there will be no change in the treatment schedule based on the clear MRI results. So, we’re still going to be on schedule for chemo treatments until summer of next year (2004).

Les has received his chemo and hasn’t had a problem with anything. He’s currently down at the playroom keeping the volunteers busy. They have cabinets full of games and toys as well as many craft projects available. Three times a day they are open for a couple hours for the kids to come and play. Depending on the number of kids in there and the number of volunteers available, I am sometimes able to leave and have some “mom time”. That’s what I’m doing right now. I have found that I need to be creative about finding time to get on the laptop computer. Les has also discovered the schoolroom and they have literally hundreds of CD-ROM computer games. They have let him bring some back to the room each day. Needless to say, Les and I have had to learn to share the computer. I think I’m doing OK with it - ha ha.

We had a nice treat today. Both grandmas were with us at lunchtime. Karen drove down and Sue came over during her lunch break. Karen was “dying to see the MRI” so we went down to radiology and took a peek. Of course with an untrained eye, we couldn’t make much sense of the spine scans, but on the brain scan we could see that the void where the tumor had been is closing up. Not many people get to see inside their child’s head – I wish it would tell me what he’s thinking sometimes. :)

We go home tomorrow morning. They are going to start him on G-CSF tomorrow which is a type of growth hormone that should help prevent his blood counts from getting and staying low like they have been. I don’t know too much about it yet, but I think it is a shot that we have to give him for 10 days. They will send a home care nurse to our house the first day to make sure we do everything right. It’s nice to know we have help available even when we are at home. I haven’t told Les about this part yet, so you can pray that he tolerates it OK.

We’re all still on cloud 9 around here because of the MRI results. I think I told the whole clinic yesterday. It truly is a “shout it from the rooftops” event for us. Thanks for all your prayers. Please continue to keep Les in your prayers as he still has 8 months of chemo and there are still short and long term side effects that are possible. Pray for protection from any and all side effects!!!