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Sat. 11/15/03 - Sleep :)

Saturday, 11/15/03
Les had a platelet and hemoglobin transfusion yesterday. The doctor also gave him some powerful laxative meds. Les’ G-tube site is also infected again, so he’s on antibiotic for that along with a prescription antibiotic ointment.

Good news – Les went poopy in the middle of the night! The great news is that daddy was the one to get up with him and I was able to sleep :). It must have done the trick because it’s 7:00am right now and I just woke up and Les and Jason are still sleeping – we haven’t slept this late for almost two weeks. Hopefully we will be able to control Les’ future bouts with chemo induced constipation a little better now that we know what to look for and now that we have the right medicines.

We now have so many different medicines to give Les at different times a day that I had to make up a chart. It’s pretty overwhelming, but if we just take it 4 hours at a time, it’s not that bad.

Since Les did not receive his chemo last Tuesday based on his low blood counts, I asked the doctor if it was a delay in the treatment schedule or if we were still on track and that dose would be skipped altogether. Her answer was that the dose will be skipped and we are still on track. Yeah!!!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are grateful to receive them.