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Sat. 8/2/03 - MRI

Saturday, 8/2/03
Les’ g-tube placement surgery yesterday went well – very fast. I happened to be in the wrong spot when he was in recovery because I couldn’t hear the intercom when they called for me, so Les ended waking up on his own. He was perfectly fine when I finally tracked him down. What was I worried about?

After he woke up they transferred him over to a room (I caught up with them in the hallway on their way over). He got settled in and started his videos. His tummy started being “uncomfortable” a little later and they gave him some morphine. That seemed to do the trick. He slept fine last night with another morphine dose at 4:00am.

Today has been real low-key. We’ve just hung out and read, watched videos and napped. We still haven’t seen the doctor for his follow-up prior to using the g-tube, but that’s what happens on weekends. It sounds like we will be here until Monday at least. I’ll update when I know for sure.

We talked to one of the nurse practitioners assisting the oncologists and she said there was a draft report on the MRI from last Monday. No signs of any tumor in his brain, which was expected since they took that entire tumor out, and there were signs of reduction of the size of the tumors in his spine. I’m not sure when the “official” report will be available, but this is still good new to us.