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Mon. 8/4/03 - G-Tube

Monday, 8/4/03
We’re still in the hospital and it looks like we’ll be here more days (I’m not sure yet how many more). They didn’t tell me that the process at the beginning of using a feeding tube takes such a long time. We didn’t start using the g-tube until 6pm on Saturday night (8/2). The first order was to give Pedialyte at 5cc’s (1 teaspoon) per hour for 24 hours. Then we moved to Kindercal (formula for big kids). We started at 5cc’s and hour for 6 hours and then we increase it by 5cc’s every 6 hours until he gets to 45cc’s and hour. By our calculations, that will bring us to Tuesday evening (8/5) at 6pm. There are some different ideas of what to do at that time regarding the start of chemo, etc. But, since it’s not set yet, I’ll refrain from publishing it on the web.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. Jason came down Friday night and was here all day on Saturday. He went back home to be at church for Sunday morning (he runs the sound board) and then came back down here for the afternoon. He went back home to go to work this week, so Les and I are settling down here in the hospital.

Les is feeling better today. He was pretty sore over the weekend. I’m hoping we can get him up and moving today. They have an activity center down the hall and wagons and tricycles to tootle around on. I hope we are able to keep ourselves entertained by means other than TV.

That’s about all I know right now. Please be praying that there are no side effects from the Cisplatin and Etoposide chemos that he will be receiving later this week. I don’t even want to say what all the possibilities are, so just pray that Les doesn’t experience any.