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Wed. 7/2/03 - Fun

Wednesday, 7/2/03
Yesterday was “Free Tuesday” at Balboa Park. This week we went to the Natural History Museum, the Model Railroad Museum and Les’ favorite, the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center. We enjoyed our outing and stayed a little longer this week since the museums held more interest for Les.

Today we went over to Dr. Meltzer’s office for a quick “social call”. We wanted to make sure the “zipper” was healing as well as we thought it was. He gave it two thumbs up!! Miracles of miracles, we actually pulled out of the parking lot before the 20 minutes were up and didn’t have to pay anything!! YEAH!! Now that was a quick visit.

The afternoon/evening was spent at Ocean Beach. This is an area adjacent to Point Loma, but faces the open ocean (Point Loma faces the harbor). Les and I walked a little way down the pier, but didn’t have time to go all the way to the end. It’s the longest pier on the West Coast. We were meeting great-grandma for lunch and needed to get back. We lunched in a local hangout that had lousy service but really good food. After lunch we went back to the pier with great-grandma and did walk all the way to the end and back (Les made it ¾ of the way, then I carried him).

This evening, grandma Sue took Les back down to Ocean Beach where they were having a farmer’s market. Les had a llama ride, went in the bounce house, ate tons of samples from different vendors, and basically had a great time – Just the two of them.

Six more radiation treatments to go. We will finish up on Friday, July 11, 2003. YEAH!!