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Tue. 7/29/03 - Tests

Tuesday, 7/29/03
Les had a MRI yesterday along with a hearing test and a clinic visit. We will hear the results of the MRI in the next couple days.

His hearing is great and hasn’t changed at all. Please pray that this next round of chemo does not affect it. The Cisplatin drug is known for affecting the hearing.

Les has continued to lose weight and has a poor appetite. We are going to get a g-tube for him to supplement his nutrition. There will be a surgical procedure to place it and a couple nights in the hospital to recover and learn how to use it. Though I’m not happy about having Les go through another surgery, I’m excited to know that I will be able to “feed” him and help him stay strong enough to fight the cancer and withstand the treatments. Les will still be able to eat normally. He is also excited that he won’t have to take the oral chemo through his mouth anymore, I can put it in his g-tube and he won’t have to taste it. The surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 1st. Depending on how Les’ blood counts are, they may start his next round of chemo over the weekend since we will already be in the hospital.

Ever since radiation was completed and we moved home, life has been a little “better”. It’s nice to be home even if it was dirty and cluttered with 6 weeks worth of “stuff”. Last week, our “NO APPOINTMENT” week, was spent sorting through the “stuff” and settling back in. There were cars to get repaired, ants to chase away and laundry to do. In other words, I had a normal week as a stay-at-home-mom. This week is much the same except we have a few appointments to get to. The next year of our life will probably be a variation on this theme. One or two days of appointments and then home the rest of the time.

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