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Thursday, August 7, 2003

Thu. 8/7/03 - Chemo

Thursday, 8/7/03
Chemo will start today as scheduled. They started the Cisplatin at 2:00pm via an IV and it will last for 6 hours. Prior to giving Les the Cisplatin, they gave him a combination of medications that are supposed to help eliminate the nausea feelings that are common with Cisplatin, though they say that the nausea often doesn’t kick in until 3-5 days later. We will stay at least one more night in the hospital and if Les is doing well, we’ll go home on Friday 8/8/03.

Les has done great with his g-tube. It’s going to be nice to be able to supplement his calorie intake and make sure he stays as healthy as possible. He’s happy with it too, now that it’s not as tender.

The night before last (Tuesday 8/5), daddy came down after work to spend the evening with us. That was a nice treat. Les went to in the wagon for a little while and we went to the activity center and played Hungry Hungry Hippos (noisy, but fun). Daddy tucked Les into bed and then had to go back home.

Yesterday (Wednesday 8/6) we had visitors too. Elizabeth (and her mom & brother) came to have lunch and play with Les. They both rode in Les’ wagon and they had fun playing in the activity room. It was great to see Les playing and moving around after being in bed for so many days.

Today we did a little PT/OT here at the hospital and then went to the activity center for about an hour. Les enjoys the activity center, but his favorite activity continues to be TV/Video watching while relaxing in bed.