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The content from 2003 to 2010 has been transferred over from our previous web host. So, on occasion, reference will be made to menus and such that no longer exist. The journal entries were priority and the rest wasn't able to be moved. So, enjoy our story. God is still moving and working in our lives.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Tue. 7/29/03 - Tests

Tuesday, 7/29/03
Les had a MRI yesterday along with a hearing test and a clinic visit. We will hear the results of the MRI in the next couple days.

His hearing is great and hasn’t changed at all. Please pray that this next round of chemo does not affect it. The Cisplatin drug is known for affecting the hearing.

Les has continued to lose weight and has a poor appetite. We are going to get a g-tube for him to supplement his nutrition. There will be a surgical procedure to place it and a couple nights in the hospital to recover and learn how to use it. Though I’m not happy about having Les go through another surgery, I’m excited to know that I will be able to “feed” him and help him stay strong enough to fight the cancer and withstand the treatments. Les will still be able to eat normally. He is also excited that he won’t have to take the oral chemo through his mouth anymore, I can put it in his g-tube and he won’t have to taste it. The surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 1st. Depending on how Les’ blood counts are, they may start his next round of chemo over the weekend since we will already be in the hospital.

Ever since radiation was completed and we moved home, life has been a little “better”. It’s nice to be home even if it was dirty and cluttered with 6 weeks worth of “stuff”. Last week, our “NO APPOINTMENT” week, was spent sorting through the “stuff” and settling back in. There were cars to get repaired, ants to chase away and laundry to do. In other words, I had a normal week as a stay-at-home-mom. This week is much the same except we have a few appointments to get to. The next year of our life will probably be a variation on this theme. One or two days of appointments and then home the rest of the time.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Wed. 7/17/03 - Break

Wednesday, 7/17/03
Well, it’s been a couple weeks since I last updated. I apologize for keeping you in suspense. Les did go to camp the week of 7/7/03 – 7/12/03. Les also finished his radiation treatments on Friday July 11, 2003. YEAH!!! No more 7am appointments and being away from home so much!

There were a few “big” things that have happened.

The first “big” medical thing that happened, and it wasn’t a huge deal, was that Les needed a blood transfusion on July 8th. His blood test after the first day of camp showed very low hemoglobin counts, so he had to skip the second day of camp and go to the hospital instead. He had a great time that day because I let him watch television all day long. The transfusion went smoothly with no complications. He looked a little “pinker” after he received all those new red blood cells. The neat part was the next day the camp went on a field trip to the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center and Les was shown an exhibit that let him “fly through a heart”. He got to see where all those red cells had gone and what they did inside of him.

The next “big” thing that happened was that my grandpa passed away on Wednesday, July 9th. He had been battling Parkinson’s for many years now. He was in a convalescence hospital since Christmas of last year after experiencing a stroke. Over the last 6 months, we all had a chance to express our love to grandpa and start preparing for his passing. Grandma is doing well.

The last “big” thing is that my cousin is having his surgery today at UCLA Medical Center. He is having his cancer tumors removed from his lungs. This is a big deal, so please pray that all goes well with surgery and recovery. [Update- they were not able to get the big tumor out, didn’t even try because of its size and proximity to the heart. They are going to try to shrink it with chemo and if successful will try the surgery again.]

Where are we now in the process of Les’ treatment? We have completed the radiation and the first session of chemo. We are currently in a 3-week “break” from treatment. Les will get another MRI on July 28th as well as a hearing test and maybe some other tests. The next round of chemo starts the first week of August. It will start with an overnight stay in the hospital where they will give Les an IV chemo drug called Cisplatin. Then for a total of 21 days he will get Etoposide (the same chemo he has been on already) at home. There will be a break of about 7 days and then we go back to the hospital and start this cycle all over again. We will be on this regimen for 3 cycles (12 weeks). After this is complete, we will start a different regimen. I’ll fill you in on that one when it gets closer. Of course, Les’ blood counts will need to be at certain levels before they start each cycle, so we have been told to expect delays along the way.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Wed. 7/2/03 - Fun

Wednesday, 7/2/03
Yesterday was “Free Tuesday” at Balboa Park. This week we went to the Natural History Museum, the Model Railroad Museum and Les’ favorite, the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center. We enjoyed our outing and stayed a little longer this week since the museums held more interest for Les.

Today we went over to Dr. Meltzer’s office for a quick “social call”. We wanted to make sure the “zipper” was healing as well as we thought it was. He gave it two thumbs up!! Miracles of miracles, we actually pulled out of the parking lot before the 20 minutes were up and didn’t have to pay anything!! YEAH!! Now that was a quick visit.

The afternoon/evening was spent at Ocean Beach. This is an area adjacent to Point Loma, but faces the open ocean (Point Loma faces the harbor). Les and I walked a little way down the pier, but didn’t have time to go all the way to the end. It’s the longest pier on the West Coast. We were meeting great-grandma for lunch and needed to get back. We lunched in a local hangout that had lousy service but really good food. After lunch we went back to the pier with great-grandma and did walk all the way to the end and back (Les made it ¾ of the way, then I carried him).

This evening, grandma Sue took Les back down to Ocean Beach where they were having a farmer’s market. Les had a llama ride, went in the bounce house, ate tons of samples from different vendors, and basically had a great time – Just the two of them.

Six more radiation treatments to go. We will finish up on Friday, July 11, 2003. YEAH!!