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No News Is Good News

No News Is Good News

Many of you have noticed that the website has not been updated with "Latest News" in a while. Please know that this is because life has largely shifted back into a "normal" mode and Les is doing well. - Check out the link at right for photos from Les' Make-A-Wish trip to Orlando, Florida - Jan. 2009.

Les came through his port removal/g-tube closure surgery in April of 2005 with flying colors. He no longer has any foreign objects in his body. He is currently taking a growth hormone and a thyroid replacement medication. Les was home schooled in Kindergarten and 1st grade by mom through a public charter which provided his therapy through an IEP.

Les started 2nd grade in Aug. 2006 at the public elementary school down the street. He made new friends and slowly transitioned into the classroom environment.

Les completed 5th grade at the public elementary school and did well. In addition to his regular class time, Les had an IEP and was pulled out for various reasons - Adaptive PE and Resource Specialist (RSP). He was also in a Language Arts program called System 44.

Les went to 6th grade at the local middle school and continued with his IEP services.  In 7th grade Les went back to home school through Southern California Online Academy.  Wow! they grow up fast.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us through this interesting turn in our lives. Believe me, we'll update this website more regularly if there is a need. For right now, we're just trying to be as "normal" as possible and that includes not dwelling on the past but moving forward.

God Bless,
Cecillia, Jason and Les Fountain