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Tue. 5/11/04 - Morro Bay

Tuesday, 5/11/04
Well, it’s been a couple weeks since I updated. Life is GREAT at the Fountain house. Our spirits are up and we are counting the days until Les’ final chemo treatment. We start our last round of chemo the day after Memorial Day, and we’re looking at June 9, 2004 as being his last dose of chemo (outpatient). It’s hard to say what will happen after chemo because every kid is different. I am assuming his appetite will come back, but I don’t know exactly when or how fast. His hair is already coming back (it’s even fuller now than these photos show) except for the lower section on the back of his head where the higher doses of radiation were concentrated (it still might come back, but we just don’t know). His physical muscle control and strength should improve, but I don’t know how quickly. As you can tell, there are still many uncertainties we will have to go through, but at least they are all positive and uplifting uncertainties.

Let me go back and recap a bit of last month. On the weekend of April 24th, we attended Jason’s cousin’s wedding in Morro Bay, Ca. The wedding was at the Inn at Morro Bay overlooking the harbor and Morro Rock. When we checked into our room we were delighted to see the wedding rehearsal just below our balcony on the patio, in fact we decided to watch the wedding from our balcony. We were also delighted to see our own personal hot tub on our balcony (we were not in the hot tub during the wedding!). Les attended all the functions and got to dress up in his “gentleman clothes”. One of the ladies at our table during the reception taught him to dance and he then asked everyone at the table to dance with him. Grandpa Barry was the only one to decline. Les even joined in the toasts by sipping some Martinelli’s sparkling cider. He said he liked it, but the next day he tried some again and he didn’t like it. Talk about finicky.

We delayed the start of Les’ current round of chemo by one week so we could attend this wedding and have him feel his best. It was amazing to see improvements in Les with just one extra week off chemo. I can’t wait to see him at two weeks, seven weeks, four months, etc.

Another nice part about this trip is we were able to see Jason’s dad and my grandparents and aunt who all live in San Luis Obispo. Les was at trooper during the car rides. His portable DVD player came in handy.

Overall, our lives back at home are still pretty busy and relatively stressful. Last week I had to take Les to an appointment everyday of the week. We had two in Corona, two in San Diego and two in Murrieta (we had two appointments on Friday). We still managed to squeeze in a play date with his best friend, but I neglected to do laundry – something had to give. This week we have three appointments, and today I got caught up on all the laundry.

Thanks yet again for all your prayers and support.