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The content from 2003 to 2010 has been transferred over from our previous web host. So, on occasion, reference will be made to menus and such that no longer exist. The journal entries were priority and the rest wasn't able to be moved. So, enjoy our story. God is still moving and working in our lives.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thu. 7/29/04 - Vacation

Thursday, 7/29/04
I have lots of great news to update you on. Les’ room is done! His nose is clear! His energy/strength/coordination is improving! He starts swimming lessons tomorrow! He went to day camp! We had a vacation! We’re doing “normal” family stuff!

Immediately after updating the website last time, I ended up taking Les down to San Diego for a “drop-in” doctor visit and blood test because he was acting very “tired and weary” and said he felt dizzy. I thought that possibly his hemoglobin levels were down again. We found out that his hemoglobin levels were higher than mine and he was just worn out after a very busy weekend. What a relief to know that he was fine.

The rest of that week I worked really hard to finish Les’ room so he could sleep in it the night before we left for vacation. I accomplished my goal and he loves his new room. great-grandma Amick painted the cool Rescue Hero wall decorations.

Our one-week vacation in San Diego was a combination family vacation, day camp for Les, and getaway for Jason and I. The weekends were “family time”. Monday thru Friday Les went to Camp Reach for the Sky day camp (sponsored by the American Cancer Society) located in Balboa Park. We all stayed at great-grandma’s house for most of the time, but for two nights Jason and I escaped across the bay to Coronado Island and celebrated our 10-year anniversary at Hotel Del Coronado while the grandmas took Les to and from day camp. It was a wonderful week for everyone and we can’t wait to go on another vacation!

The week after vacation Les had his monthly clinic visit. He checked out fine. His appetite is improving daily and his hair is thickening. His blood tests are coming back normal. Praise God!!!

Grandpa Paul came this past weekend for a short visit. We went to the new Imagination Workshop (Temecula Children’s Museum). Lots of fun! Thanks for coming Grandpa.

I continue to take Les to physical and occupational therapy each week. He’s doing great and I can see improvements already. Les is also starting semi-private swim lessons tomorrow. We’ve been in swimming pools much more frequently lately and I think he’s ready for some formal instruction.

Lately we have been enjoying play dates, visiting with family, household chores and shopping. It’s nice to not have one or two trips to San Diego to work around.

Our next big adventure is Kindergarten. I will be home schooling Les starting in September. Now I need to complete the new schoolroom/office in time for school to start.

Monday, July 5, 2004

Mon. 7/5/04 - Eating!

Monday, 7/5/04
Hope you all had a happy 4th of July. We had a great time in San Diego at Grandma’s house. We stood on her upstairs balcony and could see about 5 different fireworks displays at once. Les said, “This is the best 4th of July ever!” Les also ate his first solid food in months. He ate a few nibbles of peanuts and sampled some of my ice cream and nibbled some piecrust.

Last Friday Les started his venture into the food realm by licking Doritos. Today, he ate some bits of apple, some peach, grapes and crackers with jam on them. It’s exciting to see him be excited about eating again. We’re far from eliminating the feeding tube, but at least we’re moving in the right direction.

Thanks for the prayers. Since my last update, Les has not thrown up at all. His sinus discharge has decrease to about ½ and he’s doing great! I’m looking forward to having a healthy kid again.

Oh, and Les has a band-aid on his head right now from bonking it on the corner of the furniture. Yeah! A normal kid thing!!!

We’re really close to finishing Les’ new bedroom. Saturday we put up the shelves (floor to ceiling on one wall). Today Les and I moved the toys over and tonight Jason and I are going to spray paint the bed a hammered silver color. It should look quite “Rescue Hero”-ish. Our self-imposed goal is to finish by Friday. Wish us luck (and no more trips to Home Depot).